Systemes Engineering Day

  • 11/10/2022
  • Göteborg - Sweden
  • Après-midi

The systems engineering team from UCODS is pleased to invite you to meeting which will be hosted in conjunction with the MBSE CYBER EXPERIENCE SYMPOSIUM EUROPE 2022

The meeting will take place in Göteborg (Sweden) on October 11th, 2022

MBSE Symposium is organized by Dassault Systèmes, for more information about agenda or registration please follow MBSE Cyber Experience Symposium Europe 2022 (

It’s a great opportunity for the UCODS to host an event for our members during this event. The invitation will be sent to the other European Users Group to have one of the first Dassault European Users Group meeting dedicated to Systems Engineering.

On October 11th you have also the possibility to register to one training session organized by DS for a registration fee at 399 USD.

The Participation in the UCODS meeting is free of charge as well as the day 2 of the symposium

AGENDA of October 11th from 2pm to 5 pm

·        Introduction and challenges in using modelling to support requirement engineering

·        3DS portfolio to address those challenges:

o   A special focus on MCSE, Datahub and Stimulus

·        Feedback and use case presentation from well-known industries such airplane and car maker.

o   Airbus, a car maker and a third one under validation

·        Experts panel

o   40 min for answering to questions (Q&A) and synthetize what has been presented.


The meeting will be host on site in Göteborg with part of the agenda accessible on remote depending on the local possibilities. In this case video replay session will be uploaded on the 3DSWYM community afterward.